Monkhouse Parent Guide

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Dress Code

Chosen Hill School’s dress code plays an important part in contributing to the ethos and values of the school and the learning environment. The uniform allows students to identify with the school and demonstrates their pride in being a student at Chosen Hill, both in school and in the community.


Parents/Carers are asked to ensure that their child follows the dress code at all times. Whilst wearing Chosen Hill School uniform, students are representing the school in the local community. Any behaviour out of school whilst wearing our uniform, which falls short of our expectations and which brings the school’s reputation into disrepute may result in disciplinary action.

Uniform is an important area, which helps to set the standards. The school has a clear dress code, but this does not always ensure that this is worn correctly. Parents/Carers can help the school by checking that your child leaves home wearing the uniform correctly. This includes jewellery.

General Rules:

  • The school blazer should be worn at all times. A jumper or cardigan cannot be worn in place of the blazer. During Terms 5 and 6 the blazer can be worn with the school polo shirt.

  • All items must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

  • Watches are acceptable but necklaces, bracelets and rings may not be worn.

  • Body and face piercings are not allowed.

  • A small, plain, single stud earring may be worn in each lobe, which must be removed for Physical Education lessons. Ear bars and ‘stretchers’ are not allowed.

  • Moderate, natural looking make-up only.

  • No false nails or eyelashes. Nail varnish should be natural looking only.

  • Hairstyles should be tidy and inconspicuous – long hair should be tied back during PE or practical lessons.

  • No extreme styles or unnatural hair colours are allowed.

  • All students must be clean-shaven.

  • Coats must be plain. Please note that no other jumpers, cardigans, denim or leather jackets, hoodies or sweatshirts are allowed and will be confiscated on site.

  • Hats should not be worn around school.

  • T-shirts and vests should not be visible under and hanging below shirts.


Compulsory Uniform Items:

  • Standard green blazer with Chosen Hill School badge, in white, on pocket.

  • Black formal school trousers – trouser hems should hang to a length no more than 1cm above the ankle. Reminder: any other trousers are NOT school uniform. This means not jeans, leggings or jeggings, skinny or slim fit i.e. not tight around the ankles. See Uniform Acceptability Check below.

  • Plain white formal collared work-style long sleeved shirt that must be tucked in.  There should not be a gap between the bottom of the shirt and the trousers.

  • Standard school tie, with green and silver bands (standard tie knot covering the top shirt button and with 10 or more stripes visible below the knot).

  • Socks must be plain black.

  • All black formal and professional flat-heeled plain shoe with an instep – these should be of a material that can be polished. No trainers, plimsolls, suede/canvas shoes or boots to be worn. Heels may not be higher than 5cm (2in) for safety reasons on stairs in school.

Optional Uniform Items:

  • Grey plain long-sleeved V-neck jumper or grey long-sleeved cardigan – permitted if worn under blazers (not visible below hem or cuffs or blazer) – optional. No branded logos or pattern.

  • Knee length black drop waist pleated skirt with the Chosen Hill School logo below the waist band, (only the skirts approved by the school and provided by our uniform supplier). The skirt should not be shorter than 5cm above the top of the knee or longer when the student is standing. There should not be a gap between the bottom of the shirt and the skirt.

  • Black formal tailored school shorts, terms 5&6. Reminder: any other shorts are not school uniform.

  • Plain white formal short sleeved collared work-style shirt that must be tucked in.  There should not be a gap between the bottom of the shirt and the trousers or skirt.

  • Plain black or grey tights. White socks over tights are not permitted.

  • A functional plain black belt may be worn to hold up the trousers.  No wide or fashion belts.

  • A white short-sleeved polo shirt with the school logo may be worn without a tie in Terms 5 and 6 only. Polo shirts can be purchased from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists who have a store in Cheltenham and Gloucester.


PE Uniform Requirements:

A PE dress code is under review to encourage a more gender neutral approach, whilst recognising difference related to individual sports. A new dress code will be implemented in September 2023 after consultation with the school community.


Dress code for September 2022


  • Green/red reversible rugby shirt;

  • Black shorts;

  • Green rugby socks with white tops;

  • White socks (non-branded);

  • Optional: skins (top and bottom) - plain black, no large logos (tracksuit bottoms are not suitable - too baggy for rugby and football);

  • Trainers - any colour;

  • Rugby or football boots (essential for outdoor activities on the field).


  • White hooded sweatshirt with school logo;

  • Black skort;

  • White polo shirt;

  • White socks (non-branded);

  • Red three-quarter-length hockey socks;

  • Optional: leggings/skins bottoms - plain black no large logos or mesh sides (CHS leggings available from Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists);

  • Trainers - any colour;

  • Optional: Rugby or football boots (for students keen to join football or rugby session).

Second Hand Uniform

Chosen Hill School holds a wide selection of good quality second hand uniform. Please contact Mrs Valente in the Reprographics Room if you are interested in purchasing second hand uniform. Second hand uniform will be available to purchase from school by making an appointment with Mrs Valente.

Uniform is an important area, which helps to set the standards. You have a list, but this does not always ensure that uniform is worn correctly. You can help us by checking that your child leaves home wearing uniform correctly. This includes jewellery.

Uniform Loan

The school holds a selection of uniform that will be loaned to a student if they arrive in school wearing any item of uniform that is incorrect.