Staff Contacts 2023/2024

Staff Contact List 2023/2024

To contact the safeguarding team please email:

To contact a member of our Senior Leadership Team please email

Mr M Pauling - Headteacher

Mr J Bardgett - Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral Lead

Mr W Witham - Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum Lead

Mrs K Chodera - Assistant Headteacher, Culture & Safeguarding Lead

Miss E Hanwell - Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning Lead

Mrs J Henry - Assistant Headteacher, Director of Sixth Form

Mrs K Stoneman - Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion Lead

Mrs D Wardlaw - Business Manager


To contact our safeguarding team please email

Mrs K Chodera - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A Wright - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs H Davis - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Educational Welfare Officer

Miss H Norman - Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead, Student and Families Welfare Officer


Mr D Hearing -

Miss M Chastney - Alternative Provision School Manager


Pastoral Team

Mrs K Stoneman - Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion Lead

Mrs D Ingram - Deputy Inclusion Lead

Mrs E Staite - Curriculum and Culture Lead of HUB

Ms D Richards - Inclusion Administrator

Mrs J Organ - Teaching Assistant Lead

Miss V Shelton - Pupil Premium Manager

Mr M Day - Senior Progress Coordinator, Behaviour and Standards & Teacher of Mathematics

Mr D Hearing - Senior Progress Coordinator, Transition and Alternative Provision & Teacher of Geography

Mr T Webb - Senior Progress Coordinator, Culture and Wider Curriculum & Teacher of PE


Mrs E Gregory- Year 7 Progress Coordinator

Mrs L Poole - Year 8 Progress Coordinator

Miss C Fishlock - Year 9 Progress Coordinator

Mr T Care - Year 10 Progress Coordinator

Mrs P Wright - Year 11 Progress Coordinator

Mrs J Henry - Director of Sixth Form, Assistant Headteacher

Miss S Clark - Assistant Director of Sixth Form - Curriculum

Mr J Pettifer - Assistant Director of Sixth Form - Pastoral



Tutor Base: L12
Learning Mentors:
Mrs J Marston  -
Miss E Barks -


Tutor Base: L15
Learning Mentor:
Miss P. M. Ashby -


Tutor Base: L25
Learning Mentor: 
Miss J Thomas -


Tutor Base: L10
Learning Mentors: 
Mrs K Elias -
Mrs L Donnelly -


Tutor Base: L16
Learning Mentor: 
Mr N Genge -


Tutor Base: LM4
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs C Rhodes -


Tutor Base: L2
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs H Williams -


Tutor Base: L3
Learning Mentors: 
Mrs T Baker -
Mrs L Reynard -



Tutor Base: Sc22
Learning Mentors:
Mrs S Evans  -
Mrs J Rogers -


Tutor Base: L20
Learning Mentor:
Miss C Miller -


Tutor Base: G23
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs S Morgan -


Tutor Base: Sc15
Learning Mentor: 
Miss E Wheeler -


Tutor Base: D9
Learning Mentor: 
Miss K Hill -


Tutor Base: D7
Learning Mentor: 
Miss C Williams -


Tutor Base: G16
Learning Mentor: 
Mr G Aston -


Tutor Base: D2
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs A Dhaliwal -


Tutor Base: L13
Learning Mentor:
Mr R Papper  -


Tutor Base: U8
Learning Mentor:
Miss H Palmer -


Tutor Base: Sc23
Learning Mentor: 
Dr R Dinnis -


Tutor Base: U5
Learning Mentors: 
Mrs K Wardaugh -
Mrs M Bernhuber -


Tutor Base: P4
Learning Mentor: 
Mr C Cooper -


Tutor Base: Sc21
Learning Mentor: 
Miss E Blackwood -


Tutor Base: U9
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs J Dean -
Mrs S Balkwill


Tutor Base: G12
Learning Mentor: 
Mr A Differ -


Tutor Base: M36
Learning Mentors:
Mr R Hemsley -
Mrs L Reynard -


Tutor Base: L21
Learning Mentor:
Mrs E Bennett -


Tutor Base: D6
Learning Mentor: 
Ms M Phillips -


Tutor Base: Sc13
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs H Joynes -


Tutor Base: L5
Learning Mentor: 
Mr N Matthews -


Tutor Base: U2
Learning Mentor: 
Miss A Shepherd -


Tutor Base: M39
Learning Mentor: 
Miss V Stratton -


Tutor Base: P1
Learning Mentor: 
Mr L Taylor -


Tutor Base: L4
Learning Mentors:
Miss E Hall -
Mrs H Broomfield -


Tutor Base: P3
Learning Mentor:
Mr R Feld -


Tutor Base: D6
Learning Mentors:
Mrs D Forster -
Mrs J Rogers -


Tutor Base: M33
Learning Mentors:
Mrs C Jefferies -
Mrs J Durrant -


Tutor Base: L24
Learning Mentor: 
Mrs L Perkins -


Tutor Base: U7
Learning Mentors:
Ms R Holton -
Mrs J Durrant -


Tutor Base: U1
Learning Mentor: 
Mr T Ackerman -


Tutor Base: L22
Learning Mentor: 
Mr S Piper -


Tutor Base: M30
Learning Mentor:
Mr A Baker -


Tutor Base: P3
Learning Mentor:
Mr I Bird -


Tutor Base: Sc12
Learning Mentor:
Dr J Lee -


Tutor Base: M33
Learning Mentor:
Mr J Lewis -


Tutor Base: Sc20
Learning Mentor: 
Mr L Lucas -


Tutor Base: G10
Learning Mentors:
Mr M Rees -
Mrs G Harris -


Tutor Base: G24
Learning Mentors:
Miss L Treen -
Miss E Barks -


Tutor Base: Sc16
Learning Mentor: 
Mr S Ditchfield -


Tutor Base: G22
Learning Mentors:
Ms S Tudor -
Mrs G Harris -


Admin/Reception Team

Mrs S Young - Personal Assistant to the Headteacher

Mrs D Pople - Admissions Administrator

Mrs N Oliveri - Attendance Administrator

Mrs A Selwyn - Careers Lead

Mrs A Williams - Independent Careers Advisor

Mrs E Chirgwin - Exams Officer

Finance Team

Mr C Johnson - IT Support

Miss B Pert - IT Support

Mrs S Jovicic - Publicity and Marketing Officer

Mr D Roberts - Premises Manager

Mr M Hemming - Medical Officer


Mr I Bird - Assistant Head of Faculty (Business, Computing & ICT) and Business Studies Lead Teacher

Mr J Pettifer

Mr W Witham


Mr L Taylor - Head of Faculty (Business, Computing & ICT)

Mr T Care

Mr C Cooper

Mr R Feld

Mr D Hearing - (APS Unit)

Mrs J Organ - (APS Unit)

Mr J Bardgett

Mrs K Chodera

Mrs A Dhaliwal - Head of DART Faculty

Mr A Differ

Mrs J Durrant

Mrs K Hill

Mr K Lewis

Ms M Phillips

Ms C Williams - Head of Art Graphics, Art & Design and Photography



Mr A Baker

Mrs S Balkwill

Mr M Day

Mr N Genge

Mrs G Harris

Mr R Hemsley

Mr M Herring - Head of Mathematics Faculty

Mrs C Jefferies - Assistant Head of Mathematics Faculty

Miss S Pearce - Trainee Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs J Rogers

Mr D Smith

Miss V Stratton

Mrs E Bennett

Mrs M Bernhuber

Mrs L Perkins - Assistant Head of MFL

Ms L Poole

Miss J Thomas - Head of MFL Faculty

Miss C Miller

Miss E Moss

Mr J Pettifer

Mr S Piper - Assistant Head of PE Faculty (Head of Boys PE)

Mr M Rees - Head of PE Faculty

Mrs S Tudor - Assistant Head of PE Faculty (Head of Girls PE)

Mr T Webb

Mr G Aston - Head of Performing Arts Faculty

Miss E Barks - Teacher of Music

Mrs D Forster - Teacher of Drama

Mr J Lewis - Teacher of Music

Miss T Baker

Miss E Blackwood

Ms H Broomfield

Dr R Dinnis - Assistant Head of Science Faculty

Mr S Ditchfield - Head of Science Faculty

Mrs K Elias

Mrs S Evans

Miss E Hall - Ethical and Personal Studies Lead & Teacher of Science

Mrs H Joynes

Dr J Lee - Assistant Head of Science Faculty

Mr K Lewis

Mr L Lucas

Miss L Reynard

Miss E Wheeler

Miss H Williams

Miss PM Ashby

Miss S Clark

Mrs J Marston

Mrs S Morgan - Head of Social Sciences Faculty