Year 8 Mathematics

Understand ratio, simplifying, link to multiplication, solve problems involving ratio, circumference of circles.

Use scale factors with direct proportion and with scales and maps.

Multiply and divide fractions by integer and by fractions.

Plotting straight lines, equations of horizontal and vertical lines, link with expressions.

Scatter graphs and correlation, two way tables, listing outcomes.

Probability sample space tables.


Expand single brackets, form expressions, form and solve equations and inequalities.

Using more complex rules, brackets and squared terms.

Writing expressions with powers (extension: factorising, expanding binomials, nth term of linear sequences).

Revisit FDP equivalence, one number as percentage of another.

Conversion between standard and ordinary form, ordering.

Revisit BIDMAS, measures and units, estimation and mental strategies.


Review Year 7 angle facts, angles in special quadrilaterals, angles in polygons.

Review area of shapes Year 7. Area trapezium, circles and compound shapes.

Line symmetry in polygons, reflecting shapes.

Collecting data, constructing and interpreting charts.

Revisit Mode, median and mean, including from grouped data.