Year 10 Mathematics: Foundation

A combination of: 4 operations with integers and decimals, directed number, inverse operations, number types, LCM/HCF, prime factors Upper and lower bounds, error intervals.

Simplify expressions using all the proper notation including with brackets and use of fractions. Expanding brackets, factorising using common factors.

Solve equations including unknowns on both sides, forming and solving equations in a variety of contexts linking to many previous topic areas.

All angle facts, including with parallel lines and angles in polygons, exterior and interior. Problem solving and linking with forming and solving equations.

Revisit all fractions: Ordering, all 4 operations, mixed/improper and problem solving, simple algebraic fractions.

Plotting straight lines, equations of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, understanding of gradient and intercept in y=mx+c.

Calculate using indices, use index laws.

Place value, calculate and interpret standard form (calculator and non-calculator).


Review of basics plus: Percentage change, increase/decrease, using multipliers for growth and decay problems, simple and compound interest

Simplifying, sharing and solving problems using ratio, simple combined ratios, simple multiplicative reasoning (best buys, currency conversions)


Understand and use Pythagoras' Theorem including problem solving.

Perimeter and Area of all shapes, including circumference and area of circles.

Volumes of cuboids and other simple prisms including change of units.


All probability. Single events, combined events, relative frequency, tree diagrams, venn diagrams.

Reflect, rotate, translate and enlarge (only positive scale factors).

Pie charts, stem and leaf, two way tables, time series. Calculate the three averages, compare using average and spread.

Use and interpret, recognise correlation, make predictions.

Perpendicular bisector, angle bisect, and loci problems.

Plan views, front and side elevations, bearings and scale drawings.