Year 11 Mathematics: Foundation

Speed, density and pressure.

Simplify expressions using all the proper notation including with brackets and use of fractions. Expanding brackets, factorising using common factors and quadratics. Solving equations.

Solve linear simultaneous equations, algebraically and graphically. Solve linear inequalities and show on number line. Changing the subject.

Basic percentage, percentage change, increase/decrease, reverse and simple interest and intro to percentage multipliers.

Exploring all types of sequence, term to term and nth terms of linear sequences.

Addition and subtraction of vectors, multiplication by a scalar, both diagrammatic and column representation of vectors.

Simplifying, sharing and solving problems using ratio, simple combined ratios, simple multiplicative reasoning (best buys, currency conversions).

Conditions for congruence, similar shapes and using similarity to calculate missing lengths.


Expanding one and two binomials, factorise quadratics including difference of two squares solving quadratics by factorising.

Solving quadratic equations using factorising, sketching quadratic graphs.

Plotting/drawing graphs of quadratics, cubics and reciprocal graphs.

Understand and use the three trig ratios. Know the exact trig ratios for sin, cos and tan for angles of 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90.

Revisit all previous representations and all measures of average and spread. Compare distributions.

Plot y = mx + c, identify parallel lines, explore gradients, draw other graphs.