Professional Development at Chosen Hill School


Chosen Hill School Prides itself on being a school where teachers can truly thrive and grow professionally.  We ensure that teachers are well supported and have both the time and resources to improve their practice.  Our aim is to ensure that every teacher has the training and development opportunities so they can teach great lessons for our students.

At Chosen Hill School we ensure that the structure of our CPD offer best supports teachers to consistently improve their practice at all career stages.  Experienced subject mentors work in partnership with teacher training providers to support colleagues new to the profession.  With dedicated professional mentors, ECTs (Early Career Teachers) are guided through the two-year induction period.  ECTs have weekly one-hour meeting time with their professional mentors in addition to training and development from Odyssey Teaching School Hub based at Pates School

We know that subject teachers need time, choice and autonomy, within a supportive whole school structure, if they are to develop and become even better teachers.  As a result, much of our professional development is led within subject areas in dedicated T&L meetings.

We trust teachers to engage in their own professional learning, providing tools and resources to develop their teaching practice and leadership capabilities.  To support professional and personal development, we are building a coaching model for 2022-23.  Teachers and coaches will work together as partners using evidence informed strategies from resources such as the curated Walkthrus series.

On joining Chosen Hill School, all staff participate in an induction programme with sessions led by experienced staff.  There are also Toolkit CPD Sessions and INSET days calendared throughout the year that focus on key teaching and learning approaches.

Supportive of experienced teachers who are keen to develop their leadership practice, we also support applications onto UCL's NPQ programmes as part of our professional development offer.  Designed and delivered by Odyssey and Balcarras Teaching Hubs, the NPQs offer research-informed professional development that supports our educational leaders at Chosen Hill School.

We welcome interest from teachers who want to work in a hard-working and collegiate environment with fellow teachers who are constantly seeking to improve and help one another become even better teachers.