School Catering

The catering providers at the school are Innovate.

Innovate are very keen to work with us to offer a wide range of nutritious food with a restaurant style service. There is a breakfast service that includes free porridge every morning for all students, break options that include freshly cooked hot and cold deli items and lunch options that will include soups, salads and main meals. There will be options for vegans and vegetarians and a special offer for the sixth form. Please see the menus for options. Menus are on a 3 week rotating basis.

Price for a meal deal is £2.60.

If your child has any food allergies or specific dietary requirements, please let us know so that we can cater for any special requests.

If you have any questions about catering in the school, please contact the operations manager Ms S Turner in the first instance on


Biometric Payments in the School Canteen

As you may be aware, we use voluntary automatic biometric recognition systems at the school. This is used currently with teaching and administration systems such as cashless catering and 6th form registration and may be used for printing, access, lockers, and e-registration systems in the future.

We find this provides the school with a number of very significant benefits including:

  • Reduction in administration time and cost

  • Reduction in opportunities for bullying as there is nothing that can be stolen for use by another student

  • Ease of access to services for students and no lost cards or pins to remember

  • Quicker queueing times for lunch

For more information please see our Biometric Policy.

To opt out, please email