Year 8 English


STAR Testing for AR: September, January and June/July

Re-creative writing as Charlie Peaceful.

Read chapters 1 -7.

Keep a ‘My Name is Charlie’ sheet to store phrases and ideas.


  • TAP (Text type; Audience and Purpose)

  • Punctuation: 3 uses of commas

  • Complex, compound and simple sentences.

  • Subordinate clause.


Skills and Concepts

  • Explore/imagine/entertain (TAP)

  • Describe

  • Reading for meaning including narrative hooks and voice;

  • Motifs and symbols

  • Interpretation

  • Varying sentences for effect.

  • Persuasive devices

  • Context WW1 and Edwardian England.

Re-creative writing as Charlie Peaceful final  

Read chapters 8-13 + postscript.

Maintain ‘My Name is Charlie’ sheet to store phrases and ideas.

Explore war and experiences with Horrible Hanley.


  • TAP

  • Spelling strategies

  • Subordination – main clauses.

  • Punctuation:

    • Semi-colon & Colon

    • Hyphen & dash

    • Apostrophe use

    • Speech marks

    • Conjunctions

  • Complex, compound and simple sentences.

  • Adverbial clause.

  • Impact of figurative language

Skills and concepts:

  • Inform/explain/ describe

  • Foreshadowing

  • Figurative language: imagery, metaphor, simile, alliteration…

  • Empathy/Persona

  • Persuasive devices - speeches

  • Contextual information: Links WW1 poetry

Autumn 1:

Assessed for WRITING


Mid-term, re-creative writing –  write a paragraph from Charlie’s perspective – e.g: fight with Parsons (week3) AO5 and AO6 focus. 


Final assessment:

Week 6:  

w/c 17/10/22

First draft – re-creative writing: Diary of Charlie Peaceful using ideas up to Chapter 7 and contextual knowledge. AO5/AO6


Autumn 2

Assessed for WRITING

Mid term:

Paragraph: Charlie’s experiences of war – marked for AO5/AO6.  Explore description and characterisation/ feelings.


Week 6

w/c: 5/12/21

Re-draft and complete Charlie Peaceful diary


AR Reading:

Points target for each term should be met

Focus on Benedick – extract and across the play (AO2 and AO1/3)


  • Sentence structure

  • Spelling – homophones and high frequency words.

  • Caught ‘ya for developing vocabulary range

Skills and concepts:

  • Explore, infer, deduce.

  • Genre

  • Using evidence

  • Context: Tudor language, patriarchal attitudes to marriage and women. AO3

  • Analysing language and structure AO2

  • Character analysis AO1/AO2

  • Inference and interpretation

Write a 500 word Gothic story.



  • Developing a range of ambitious vocabulary.

  • Boundary commas

  • Complex and simple sentences

  • Punctuation:

  • Semi-colon

  • Dash

  • Ellipses

  • Fronted adverbials

Skills and concepts:

  • Imagine/describe/ entertain

  • Experiment with figurative language to convey a sense of setting and character.

  • Narrative techniques.

  • Sentence structure and construction: combining clauses, using the comma effectively. Use short direct sentences for tension.

  • Structure and accuracy.

  • Drafting and improving ideas.

  • Links to Literary Heritage/conventions.

Spring 1:


Mid term

Week 3

W/C: 16/01/22

Analyse a short extract from Act 2, scene 3 exploring how Benedick is presented.  AO2 Focus on WWHW draw out use of technique and effect.



Week 7

W/C: 13/02/22

Essay: How is Benedick presented across the play? AO1/AO3


Spring 2:


Mid term: create a Gothic setting

Week 3

W/C 13/03/22

Class mark


Final: 500 word Gothic story. 

Success criteria is AO5 and AO6.

Organise and present ideas to imagine and entertain. 

Week 5

W/C: 27/03/22

AR Reading:

Star testing – track progress.

Analyse the poem:  ‘Stealing’ by Carol Ann Duffy.  AO2


  • Verbs & Adverbs

  • Key vocabulary/ poetic terminology spellings

Skills and concepts:

  • Infer/ Interpret/ explain

  • Integrating evidence

  • Figurative language

  • Exploring and developing a critical viewpoint

  • Recognising conventions of different poetic forms.e.g: ballad; free verse; rhyme etc.

  • Making links to how texts reflect the culture in which they were produced.

Write a personal travel article about a holiday destination. AO5/AO6


  • Revise sentence structures: simple, compound and complex;

  • Paragraphing – TIPTOP

  • Key spellings.

Skills and Concepts:

  • Inform/persuade describe

  • Researching

  • To present a case persuasively making use of evidence and using rhetorical devices.

  • Organise and present information, selecting and synthesising information.

  • Using description, anecdote and rhetorical devices to engage a reader.

  • TAP

Summer 1:


Mid term

w/c: 6/5/22

Week 4

AO2 class feedback in preparation for exam week in June


Summer 2,

Final Exam week

Poetry AO2 Reading =

Final: Exam week tbc


How does Duffy present the speaker in the poem ‘Stealing’?


Travel Writing:


Skills based non-fiction


AR Reading:  Points targets for each term.

STAR test – progress for year