KS5 Futures

Welcome to these pages to help you consider all your options after Sixth Form alongside the CPSHE sessions and range of external speakers that will be delivering support over the two years of your courses.

If you are unsure where to start, then try the SACU Spartan Test and Research Tool.

Register and set up your account before taking the test. Use the links in the word cloud produced to research both HE/FE and apprenticeship options. A supporting PowerPoint to help you register and navigate through the pages can be found below:

A Helping Hand to Your Future.

You can then use this as a basis for discussions with your Learning Mentor or make an appointment for a 1:1 session with Mrs Thomas as the KS5 Futures Lead st@chosen-hill.gloucs.sch.uk. You can also be referred for careers guidance advice with our independent Careers Advisor Alison Williams once you have completed the Spartan Test.