Year 9 Mathematics

4 operations, directed number, LCM/HCF, prime factors, inverse operations.

Order fractions, use all 4 operations, mixed/improper and problem solving.

Link to fractions, simplifying, sharing, multiplicative relationship, graphically. Proportion.

Basic percentage, percentage change, increase/decrease, reverse and simple interest and intro to percentage multipliers.


Rounding to decimal places/significant figures, bounds and error interval.

All notation, simplifying, basic expanding and common factors.

Substitution, Solve equations including unknowns on both sides, change subject of formulae.

nth terms of linear sequences. Recognise Fibonacci, quadratic and geometric sequences.

Plot y = mx + c, identify parallel lines, explore gradients, draw other graphs.


Perimeter and Area of all shapes, including circles. Higher: including sectors and arc lengths.

Volumes of prisms, cones, spheres and pyramids.


Pie charts, stem and leaf, two way tables, time series. Calculate the three averages, compare using average and spread.

Use and interpret, recognise correlation, make predictions.

Calculate using indices, use index laws including negative and fractional indices.

Place value, calculate and interpret standard form (calculator and non-calculator).


All probability. Single events, combined events, relative frequency, tree diagrams, conditional probability, Venn diagrams

All notation, at a point, straight line, vertically opposite and with parallel lines.

Special quadrilaterals, angles in polygons, exterior and interior.

Reflect, rotate, translate and enlarge (positive and negative scale factors).