Year 7 WRSE

Wellbeing Key Stage 3 Long Term Thematic Overview

November Topic: Drugs and Alcohol

April Topic: Grooming

You are Awesome Growth and Fixed Mindset Skills

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

Overcoming Obstacles


Importance of practise and failure

Marginal gains

Entrepreneurial skills

Preparing for the Christmas Fair

My Teenage Body and Me

Male and female reproductive systems


Menstrual cycle

Period Poverty

Puberty Hygiene


Dental Hygiene

Who am I?

Your identity

Self esteem

Family relationships



Expected and unexpected life events

Coping with change

The Real Game

The Real Game Intro

The Dream

The Jobs and the Dream

Reality Bites

Savvy Consumer

Banking and Ways to Pay

You are what you eat

Importance of sleep

Gut microbiome

Sugar and salt

Balanced diet

Staying healthy


Diversity, prejudice and bullying

Is Britain a diverse society?

Is Britain a fair society?

Is our view of Britain influenced by the media?

What is bullying?

Bullying - Gender and your identity

Bullying – what can we do?