Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Chosen Hill we believe that:

  • The needs of all students should be met in order to achieve effective inclusion and positive outcomes.

  • All students will access a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum which is adapted, as appropriate, to meet individual needs.

  • All our staff have a shared responsibility for supporting students with special educational needs both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Effective assessment, provision and successful outcomes for students with SEND will be secured in partnership with parent/carer, students, local authorities and specialist agencies.

Parental and Student Engagement

We pride ourselves on building positive relationships with parents and carers. We are open and honest with parents and carers and students and encourage them to be the same with us.

We believe parental and student engagement is key to inclusion.

There should be an active partnership between parents and school, therefore we aim to keep communication channels open and communicate regularly.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

At Chosen Hill School students are identified as having SEND through a variety of processes including the following:

  • Liaison with feeder schools.

  • Data provided by feeder schools.

  • Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS)

  • Screen tests for reading, writing and spelling.

  • Performance below age expected levels.

  • Concerns raised by parent or carer.

  • Concerns raised by teacher.

  • Liaison with external agencies.

  • Medical diagnosis


How will the school support my child?

School staff will support individuals at a level appropriate to their needs through effective differentiation in the classroom in order to achieve progress and attain positive outcomes.

The inclusion team aims to ensure where possible, full access to a broad and balanced curriculum for students on the Inclusion Register with special and additional needs.

Provision is reviewed regularly to ensure it addresses the needs of current students.