Year 10 WRSE

Wellbeing Key Stage 4 Long Term Thematic Overview

Building for the Future (10 lessons)

Salary and payslips

Ways to save


Consumer rights

Planning for retirement

Myth Busting 

Another Level 

What’s Out There 

What’s Next 

Find Your superpower 

Managing my Mental Health (10 lessons)

Mental health disorders in teenagers


Exam pressure

Friendships (bullying, conflict)

Managing studies

Social pressures

Decisions about the future

Mental health stigma

Mental health in men

Mental health in women

Healthy Relationships (10 lessons)

Characteristics and importance of positive relationships

Relationship challenges and support for these

Relationship abuse

Coercive control

Assertive communication in relationships

Ending relationships and conflict resolution

Managing grief including grief from changes in relationships

Good and bad things about online dating

The British justice system

Criminal vs civil court

Understanding Politics (ME & POLITICS Acronym) (10 lessons)

Making sense – Why Politics?

Everyone Counts – Peaceful Protests

Parliament – How are Laws Made?

Other Politics - Democracies & Dictatorships

Local Politics – Local MPs and Councils

In School Politics – Student Leadership & Democracy

Teaching British Values – Britishness?

Increased threats – Extremism & Terrorism.

Changing our World – Priorities?

Sum Up - Assessment