Pupil Premium

We are a fully inclusive school and committed to equality. This is reflected in our school aims, school standards and in our statement of intent.

We recognise that students eligible for the Pupil Premium may have significant barriers to learning, and so we are committed to using research-based best practice to enable our students to access the curriculum and have the opportunity to succeed.

It is our intent that all students who attend Chosen Hill School are successful regardless of their academic, economic or social background. We are ambitious for all our students, and we are deeply committed to challenging them to achieve more than they first thought possible through high expectations, quality first teaching and the highest possible standards of pastoral care.

Our policy is that all of our students have the potential to achieve at, or beyond, their indicated potential. All students are valued as individuals and the Pupil Premium Grant is used judiciously to ensure there is capacity within the school to support them in achieving success.

Our policy is based on the belief that the Pupil Premium should be used to:

  • Promote equality throughout the school so that those who may need more support can receive it to achieve the same as other learners;

  • Engender a feeling of belonging as a member of the school community;

  • Ensure, when possible and appropriate, at least 20% of students on extracurricular experiences are eligible for the pupil premium;

  • Highlight eligible students and signpost appropriate support for their learning needs;

  • Provide support from outside agencies to ensure eligible students' social, emotional and mental health needs are met.

Our Pupil Premium Manager will:

  • Ensure that eligible students' emotional and pastoral wellbeing is a priority for all staff;

  • Support eligible students and families to access appropriate support if required.

  • Track and monitor the academic progress of all Pupil Premium students.

  • Support parents to bring to the school’s attention any issue that may be considered to be a barrier to learning;

  • Support parents and carers to attend appropriate school functions that relate to their child.