Year 7 Mathematics

Exploring all types of sequence, term to term.

Use of function machines, forming and substituting into expressions, functions graphically.

Expression equivalence.  Forming and solving one step equations, collecting like terms.

Place value, ordering, range and median, rounding.

FDP equivalence, pie charts, fractional sequences.


Using formal methods, solve problems in context with perimeter, area money, frequency trees and tables. HCF/LCM, BIDMAS, solving two step equations.

Order directed numbers, calculate using directed numbers.

Add and subtract fractions different denominators, use equivalent fractions.


Drawing, measuring lines and angles, parallel/perpendicular, SSS, SAS, and ASA.

Calculate using angle facts, around a point, straight line, vertically opposite, triangles and quadrilaterals.

Mental strategies, known facts to derive other facts - including algebraically.

Understanding set notation, Venn diagrams and probability of an event.

Types of number, primes, powers and roots, counter examples.