Exams 2023

Year 11 Study Programme, 15th May - 28th June 2023

01 - 08 March 2023: Year 11 Mocks

20 - 24 March 2023: Year 12 Exams

01 – 12 May 2023: MFL Speaking Exams GCSE/A-Level/AS- Level

15 May – 28 June 2023: GCSE/A-Level/AS-Level/BTECs/Cambridge Nationals/WJEC Vocational Exams

21 – 28 June 2023: Year 10 Mocks

February – May 2023: Controlled Assessments for BTECS, Cambridge Nationals and WJEC/Eduqas Vocational Exams

Please note: Exam boards require all students sitting external exams this year to be available up to the end of Wednesday, 28 June 2023. For students leaving this year – please do not book a holiday until after this date.

AS/A-Level/Level 3 BTECs

Thursday 17 August 2023

Advice will be available for university/careers supports and about UCAS clearing if needed.


GCSE/Levels 1 & 2 BTEC/Cambridge Nationals/ WJEC/Eduqas Vocational Awards

Thursday 24 August 2023

This will also be an opportunity for 6th Form enrolment and careers advice will be available if needed.

Certificates are very important documents which the school recommends students keep in a very safe place for the rest of their working life.

Certificates are available to be collected from the school at the end of November. Further details will be given out on the Results Days.

Please note: Certificates are only kept in school for one year

Certificates cannot be posted to students and must be collected in person, preferably by the student.

A student can nominate someone else to collect their certificates on their behalf. The student must notify the Exams Officer of when and by whom the certificates will be collected.