MFL Food Tasting

Guten Appetit! іBuen provecho! Bon Appetit!

On Tuesday 17th October, all year 9 students studying a language had the opportunity to taste food from the countries of the language they are studying.

We are currently studying the topic of food and this event gave the students the opportunity to 'order' food in the foreign language from our 'A' level students, who were 'working' in the café. Following the tasting, they have made comparisons and written their opinions on the wide variety of traditional food that they have tasted in French/German or Spanish.

We are very proud of our year 9 students, who were not only brave and adventurous trying new foods, but also for using their language skills to order food. There were so many who tried hard and staff were very impressed.

Winners from each group for speaking in the target Language:

9C German – Matthew Standing

9H German – Aleksandrs Zaguzovs

9C French – Jake Jones

9H French – Tyler Purland

9H1 Spanish – Geoffroy Chagneau

9H2 Spanish – Aimee Davis

9C Spanish – Corey White

Winners from each group for being adventurous and trying out the different food:

9C German- Evie Williams

9H German – Archie Rose

9C French – Theo Jones

9H French – Jonas Selby

9H1 Spanish – Lily Robbins

9H2 Spanish – Amy Gover

9C Spanish – Nico Felice

Thank you to all the parents who supported the event, contributing money, so that the event could take place.

MFL department